Sunday, September 20, 2020
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CME|NY was founded in 1979 on the belief that as a teacher education institution we should embody the very principles, practices, and ideals central to a Montessori classroom: respect for the individual, development of the human potential, support of the community, nurturing the spirit, and pursuit of academic excellence.CMTE NY Class held outside Our teaching is deeply rooted in the traditions and practices of Dr. Maria Montessori and is enriched by current research in child development, conflict resolution, and psychology. We aim to enable and empower adults to assist children in their optimal development; and to be a model and a resource for families, child care centers, schools, and communities throughout the country.

Montessori is not just about special materials; it is not just about beautiful environments. Montessori education is a total, integrated system which holds at its heart a teacher who is trained in his or her technique, skilled in his or her method, and prepared for the challenges of today's classroom. It is not enough to read the theory; it is not enough to buy the materials. Montessori teachers must first educate themselves, under the guidance of skilled practitioners, so they can develop the skill, strengths, and network they need to be effective, successful, and satisfied Montessori professionals.

The CME|NY faculty is comprised of uniquely qualified and dedicated individuals who are committed to the Montessori method of education and to enriching the Montessori community. At CME|NY we draw specialists from all over the world to teach at our center. As a group, we are proud to be linked by the rich diversity of our experiences, educational backgrounds, knowledge, work styles, and talents.

Unlike some other training programs, the CME|NY faculty do not teach at the same school. In fact, our faculty comes from all over the United States as well as Canada.  They represent a broad variety of schools: small, large, public, private, rural, urban, and suburban. They offer the trainee a plethora of teaching styles so that the trainee can observe, choose, and internalize a style that works individually.

CMTECylinder3For our students, we provide state-of-the-art education which meets the evolving needs of today's changing society. The academic training begins with a solid foundation of methodology and pedagogy, including traditional Montessori curriculum, rationale, and philosophy. This strong base assists in the development of teachers who nurture the pursuit of academic accomplishment, foster their own maturity and growth, and have skills to build their own classroom communities. The practicum phase enhances the professional development of the student through integration of curriculum and philosophy in the process of teaching children in the Montessori method.

Now more than ever before, teachers are facing greater and more complex difficulties in their classrooms. How does the new teacher deal with these difficult issues? CME|NY offers an approach to classroom management to assist the new teacher in confronting today's challenges.

We spend time during the training, working together as staff, students, and administration, to create a community. We want our trainees to benefit not only from our knowledge and experience of Montessori, but also from use of various methods to enrich both their skills and their students' skills. By empowering our trainees during their Montessori education, we cultivate their spirits, and they in turn will empower the children of their world to build a peaceful and secure future.

At CME|NY we hold this challenge close to our hearts and we work toward meeting it with hope, determination, and love.



"The first step an intending Montessori teacher must take is to prepare herself. For one thing, she must keep her imagination alive ... The Montessori teacher is constantly looking for a child who is not yet there ... The teacher ... must have a kind of faith that the child will reveal himself ..."

-Maria Montessori
The Absorbent Mind

Overview of Montessori

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"The mere imparting of information is not education." --Carter G. Woodson, American Historian 




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