Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions by Schools

Frequently Asked Questions by Schools:

Can CME|NY do the training at my school site?

If six or more adult learners are attending our program from a single school, we may be able to offer a 25% off-site solution, depending on your school site and location. This would mean that your teachers would attend 75% of the course at our location and 25%  of the academic course content would be presented by our faculty at your school site.  Please contact K.T. Korngold to see if this option is available for your school.

Montessori teacher education for certification is an intensive and extensive training. It requires not only many academic contact hours but also ample time for live demonstrations, hands-on practice with Montessori materials, and coaching by trained, experienced teachers.  In most cases, our programs exceed the guidelines and requirements by AMS and MACTE.

The training we offer is accredited at our location. The accreditation process for Montessori education programs is a lengthy and extensive one, a limited amount of training included in the certification of our adult learners can occur off-site from the accredited location.

Our programs are developed and taught by skilled educators who have certification and experience at their specific program level.  We have a total teaching staff that exceeds 25 faculty members for our teacher education and school management programs.  The teaching faculty brings a breadth and depth of training and experience, as well as a broad array of backgrounds from both public and independent schools.  Our faculty members teach and/or lead schools from all parts of the United States, as well as Canada.  

Over 50% of our "Adult Learners" come from schools in other states and, as such, our program includes a diversity of Adult Learners.  By attending our programs on-site, Adult Learners have the opportunity to network and connect with other teachers, share a broad array of Montessori experiences, and develop new friendships.  The bonds developed in each summer cohort often last a lifetime.

We invite you to consider sending your staff to our course in order to receive the full spectrum of the training experience we offer.  It is almost impossible to re-create the richness of that experience at your own location.

If you are interested in setting up a contract location training at your school site, please be aware costs include the administration of the application for a MACTE new location accreditation, travel and accommodation expenses for our staff, and that a minimum number of adult learners must be guaranteed.



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