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Carole Wolfe Korngold and K.T. Korngold


Carole Wolfe Korngold, M.A.,
AMS Infant and Toddler Credential,
AMS Early Childhood Credential



Carole Wolfe Korngold was the Founder and long-time Executive Director of the Center for Montessori Education/NY, now known as CME|NY, and the Montessori Children’s Center, a model year-round Montessori childcare program.  She is acclaimed for bringing authentic Montessori education to independent, public, and charter schools, as well to childcare centers and Montessori teacher training.  Past President of the American Montessori Society, she participated in the White House Conference on Early Childhood Development and Learning and Co-Chaired the Montessori International Congress in Rome, Italy.  Carole has been honored with the AMS Living Legacy Award for the year 2000 and the 2004 Arents Award from Syracuse University, the highest award alumni may receive. A valued, esteemed, and beloved leader of the Montessori community since 1965, Carole has touched hearts and minds for decades and continues to inspire new generations of Montessori teachers and parents.  Carole has an M.A. (Manhattanville College), an AMS Early Childhood credential (Albany), and an AMS Infant and Toddler Credential (CMTE/NY).



K.T. Korngold, M.A.,

 AMS Infant and Toddler Credential,

 AMS Administrator Credential


K.T. Korngold has long been part of the family business behind CMTE/NY and CME|NY. In 2011, she became CEO.  K.T. has overall strategic and operational responsibility for CME|NY. She has a ground-up, deep knowledge of the programs, procedures, and business operations of CME|NY and is dedicated to ensuring the stability and strategic growth of the organization.  With proven leadership skills, coaching talents, and relationship management capability, a strong background and demonstrable experience in marketing and communications, and an unwavering commitment to authentic, quality Montessori education, she engages the faculty, adult learners, alumni, partnering organizations, and Montessori community in the on-going development of meaningful, successful Montessori educational programs for both children and adults. She shares her knowledge of leadership skills with the Adult Learners in each of the CME|NY courses and presents workshops for Infant and Toddler Montessori guides and leads some sessions of the Early Childhood and Administrator course. As a child, K.T. was part of the model classroom of the first Montessori education program for Head Start teachers in the United States, a training that Carole initiated in Albany, NY in 1967.  Both of K.T.’s daughters have attended Montessori schools. She has a Master's degree from Columbia University, a B.A. from Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, and 12 Graduate Credits in Early Childhood Education from the College of New Rochelle. She has received an award from the Academy of American Poets. K.T. has an AMS Infant and Toddler Credential (CME|NY) and an AMS Administrator credential (CME|NY). She was the founder of the annual Pathways to a Peaceful School Conference, which attracts 125 Montessori teachers each year.

In November 2017 K.T.  traveled to Vietnam to a present a 5-day workshop for 50 Montessori Toddler teachers at Sakura Montessori in Hanoi. She was honored to present at the 2018 AMS Conference in Denver:   Second Generation Montessori School Leadership.


K.T. Korngold, Richard A. Ungerer, AMS Executive Director, and Carole Wolfe Korngold at the AMS National Conference, Dallas, TX, 2014.


Sheila Coad-Bernard

bernardSheila Coad-Bernard has more than twenty years experience working in Montessori middle schools.  Her expertise was instrumental in creating the renowned middle school program at the Washington Montessori School in New Preston, CT. She has consulted with other Montessori public and independent schools in the northeast to plan and implement middle school programs.  Sheila currently serves as the Middle school Director at the Washington Montessori School and as Program Director for WMSTEP, a MACTE accredited and AMS affiliated teacher training program for teachers interested in working with adolescents.  She is a presenter for CME|NY’s Administrator Course.


Pat Coffey

PatCoffeyDirector and Early Childhood Coordinator

Pat Coffey has been in Montessori Education since 1985.  She has taught in the Early Childhood program, served as Program Director, Curriculum Coordinator and Upper Elementary Language Arts teacher at the Montessori School of Anderson in South Carolina.  She has been a faculty member of  CME|NY since 2002  working as a field consultant and in student services.  Pat holds a B.S. in Human Resources and Services (Anderson University), M.Ed., Curriculum Instruction and Assessment (Walden University), an Early Childhood credential (CMTE/NY) and Elementary II credential (CME|NY).


Marifrances Cooney

cooneyMarifrances Cooney has been involved in Montessori education since 1994 and has been a faculty member since 2002.  Currently she is an early childhood teacher and assistant primary coordinator at Hudson Country Montessori School in Danbury, CT. She was a founding member of Great Beginnings Montessori School in Fairfield, CT, where she was a primary teacher through 2009. Marifrances holds a B.A. in psychology and child studies (Charter Oak State College), a M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education with a Montessori concentration (College of New Rochelle), and an AMS Early Childhood credential (CMTE/NY). She is the Early Childhood Practical Life presenter, as well as a field consultant for CME|NY.


Annie D'elia Daly

Annie D'elia Daly is Field Visitor for the CME|NY Early Childhood Course.  A pioneer in Montessori family day care, she has been actively involved in Montessori education since she received her Montessori Early Childhood training from AERCO in 1988.  She served as National Public Speaker and Trainer for Save the Children at their annual conferences from 1991-1993.  She serves in Community Outreach for Achilles International and has created MONTESSORI WORLDWIDE to bring Montessorians together this June 26, 2016 to walk and run to raise funds for Achilles Kids in the Achilles International Signature Race the Hope and Possibility 4 mile race. Achilles Kids provide training, race opportunities, and an in-school program for children with disabilities at no cost to the student or to the school. The mission of Montessori Worldwide is to raise money for Achilles Kids and to nurture the need for collaboration between the Montessori community and the educational public system.   Presently there are approximately 10,000 children participating in Achilles Kids in the United States and 8,000 children in the five boroughs in New York City.


Deirdre Fennessy


Administrator Coordinator

Deirdre Fennessy started her Montessori journey when her daughter attended a Montessori 3-6 program in Hawaii. She continued to learn more and more about Montessori as a parent, as a trained 6-12 teacher at the Whitby School where she also served as Director of Admissions and Parent Relations.  She then worked as the Head of School at the Burke Children’s Center and Associate Director of CMTE/NY training program. She was the founding Head of Golden Oak Montessori Charter School which she led for 7 years.  After years of being in Montessori private schools in one capacity or another, she is energized and gratified by the reality of Montessori education in the public realm available to all children. Montessori has come full circle from where Maria Montessori started. Deirdre has had experience in both private and public Montessori schools, in teaching and administration, and brings her joy in creating harmonious school communities to CME|NY.

Deirdre has an M.Ed from Heritage College, a BA in 20th Century Art and Literature from New College, an AMS Administrator’s Credential from CMTE/NY and an AMS Elementary I-II (6-12) credential from CMTE/NY.


Maria Gravel

mariaMaria Gravel, Founder/Director of Seton Day Care Center in New York City from 1972-2008, is well known for her workshops in infant care. She was an on-site team member of the Montessori Council for Accreditation (now MACTE) from 1983-1994 and was a member of the AMS Review Committee from 1995-2001. Maria was a faculty member of CMTE/NY’s Infant and Toddler Program for over 10 years and continues being a Field Consultant for CME|NY.




Ingrid Hill


Ingrid Hill presents CME|NY's Introduction to Montessori (Early Childhood Overview) and Assistant's Workshop. She was previously the New Jersey Early Childhood Coordinator. Ingrid holds an AMS Early Childhood credential (CMTE/NY) and a Masters in Early Childhood Education with Montessori specialization from The College of New Rochelle.  She has taught at the 3-6 level since 1988. She also has a B.A. in Psychology from Empire State University. When not involved with Montessori, Ingrid works as a 4-H Community Educator/Liaison for Cornell Cooperative Extension.


Caitlin Jalalat


Caitlin Jalalat (Infant and Toddler Coordinator) has been involved in Montessori education since 2008 and joined the Infant and Toddler course at CME|NY as Coordinator in 2017.  She was a toddler guide and the Infant and Toddler Coordinator at Central Park Montessori in Manhattan. Caitlin earned her B.A. from Emory University in Psychology and her M.A. from Montclair State University in Sociology. She earned her Infant and Toddler AMS Montessori credential at CMTE/NY after discovering her love for the Montessori philosophy.  She continued her education by earning a second Masters in Early Childhood Montessori Education from St. Catherine University.  Caitlin brings with her a passion and dedication for Montessori education, and a deep understanding of the benefits of Montessori for the very young.


Judy Joynt

judy-joyntInfant and Toddler Field Consultant Supervisor 

Judy Joynt has been involved with Montessori education since 1979, having taught for 14 years before joining CMTE/NY. Teaching positions included Hudson Country School, New Rochelle, NY and Berjan School, Mamaroneck, NY.  Judy received her Infant and Toddler AMS credential in 1991 from CMTE/NY and has been a member of the staff since 1997.  She is presently the Infant and Toddler Practicum Phase Coordinator and Field Consultant as well as an instructor in the program.  Judy has a B.A. in Elementary Education (University of Arizona), and M.Ed. (College of New Rochelle) in Special Education.


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