Thursday, December 14, 2017
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"Thank you so much for the awesome, amazing, and synergetic Pathways to a Peaceful School conference.  Hope you'll have more to follow in the coming years. Now I can apply what I have just learned to the students in Taiwan! And in anywhere else I might be going. I enjoyed the networking and the song at the end.  Everything was very organized and I loved the vendors sharing with us their services."
--Alice Liu

CME|NY: One-Day Regional Montessori Conference



"Peace is what every human being is craving...and it can be brought about by humanity through the child."--Dr. Maria Montessori

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Radisson Hotel, 1 Radisson Plaza, New Rochelle, NY 

We’re proud to offer Pathways as an opportunity for meaningful professional development that focuses on Maria Montessori’s vision of peace by providing engaging and informative programs that help teachers and administrators develop the skills they need to be peaceful in their work each day.  And we’re proud as well to offer this opportunity to recognize the important vendors and businesses that enable Montessori schools to thrive.

  KEYNOTE BY JONATHAN WOLFF: Connecting with Montessori Concepts to Cultivate Inner Peace in Challenging Times


Dr. Montessori proposed that the most important step on our journey toward a peaceful classroom is the work we do on ourselves.  Jonathan Wolff will share information that has the potential to cultivate peace within ourselves and our community. We will investigate aspects of the spiritual preparation of the Montessori guide and school leader. The session will include a number of exercises as well as prescriptive activities that explore:

  1. The importance of “walking our talk" (Grace and Courtesy).
  2. How to maintain emotional equilibrium and a positive attitude while we face challenges and conflicts.
  3. The art of monitoring and maintaining mindfulness, enthusiasm, and energy over the long haul of the school year.

 Expected skills and outcomes:

  1. The ability to self-check one’s state of mindfulness, intentions, mindsets, and emotions.
  2. Tools for modeling peacefulness and for exemplifying Grace and Courtesy in the classroom and school community – among children and adults
  3. Strategies for dealing with the unexpected -- and the accompanying frustrations and fears -- in a manner that enables one quickly to regain focus and balance.
  4. Techniques for identifying and employing the art of “rapid renewal” before, during, and after the teaching day.

Jonathan Wolff is a Montessori school consultant, leadership coach and trainer, faculty in-service provider, and author.  He studied with Mother Isabelle Eugenie, an early student of Maria Montessori. He provides retreats, workshops, and consultations for teachers, administrators, parents, boards of directors, and parent organizations in Montessori public and private schools around the world. For a list of his publications, visit:

"Jonathan Wolff possesses rare gifts: razor-like analytical skills, an uncanny capacity to imagine the possibilities, a seemingly effortless ability to communicate with a group of any size, and a passion for best practices."—John Moncure, Ph.D., Principal, Eton Academy International School, Beijing, China


Special thanks to Marshall & Sterling Child Welfare Insurance Company for sponsoring the breakfast. Stop by their booth to learn about safety workshops for your school.

Morning Sessions (select one):

Anatomy of a Peaceful Child
Presented by Rebecca Thompson-Stewart, M.Ed.
for Infant and Toddler Teachers 

The Anatomy of a Peaceful Child is a broad ranging and interactive breakout session designed to inspire Infant and Toddler educators.  We will dissect the physical, emotional, social and cognitive factors that contribute to the development of Peacefulness from the earliest days of life.  In addition, we will explore strategies to cultivate those skills while scaffolding the child to apply the abilities she already possesses. Montessori urged educators to "visualize a child who is not yet there;" through visual examples, discussion with colleagues, and excerpts from Montessori's works, Infant and Toddler workers will gain the knowledge and proficiencies necessary to envision and encourage Peace in their classrooms and beyond.

Who is Really in Charge When We Say We "Follow the Child?"
Strategies for Creating an Effective, Peaceful and Joyful Early Childhood Classroom
Presented by Nancy Rose, M.A.
for Early Childhood Teachers

 Dr. Montessori refers to teachers as guides, the classroom as a prepared environment and the children as eager learners ready to explore and discover the world.  So, what happens when the reality of the classroom does not match that picture?  How do we create a joyful and memorable learning experience when children learn and process information differently -- while some immediately find materials and activities that spark their interest, others seem content with wandering around and are reluctant to interact with the environment or the adults?  How do we offer the space to discover without abandoning the child?  How can we provide guidance without over directing?  It can be difficult for newer Montessori teachers to know when to stand back and observe and when to intervene in situations that seem to require a response.  We will share insights of how we can accomplish this while still maintaining control of the environment, developing the curriculum, meeting the developmental needs of the children and creating beautiful and peaceful, happy places of learning.

Education for Peace:  Essentials for Elementary Montessori
Presented by Biff Maier, M.Ed.
for Elementary Teachers

Biff Maier will describe the essential tools to understand and support Montessori principles, philosophy, method, and materials at the Elementary levels (6-9 and 9-12). This workshop reviews vocabulary and visuals that support the elementary program as a transformative educational model that empowers children to work for peace. The presentation will include overviews of Montessori curriculum sequences and will promote an enhanced understanding on the part of the participants of their role in giving "impressionistic" lessons as key experiences to support children's learning and development.  This workshop is very useful for teachers and assistants working in a Montessori Elementary environment who are relatively new to Montessori or in their early stages of teaching at the Montessori elementary level.

Diversity as a Road to Peaceful School Communities
Presented by Martha Haakmat, M.S. Ed.
for Montessori School Administrators

Peace education and diversity learning are necessary parts of an excellent school program. Our schools have missions to guide and educate children to be academically, socially and emotionally prepared for success in a world which demands the ability to think creatively, build strong relationships with others and problem solve with confidence. Full membership in our global society requires a well-developed awareness of self and others, a keen understanding of social justice and the skills for peaceful resolution of conflict. Administrators will explore ideas for aligning and developing peace education and diversity learning in our schools using Montessori philosophy, discussion, and interactive exercises.


Purchase a copy of The Illustrated Maria Montessori to support the CME|NY scholarship fund for teacher education.


Special Thank You to our Sponsors and Vendors:                  


    Certificate of attendance with 7 Professional Development Hours from CME|NY, and AMS for those who hold an AMS credential.

        FEE: $350 per person, continental breakfast and lunch included.

Registration Deadline: JULY 19th 2017

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