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Toddler Assistants

October 5, 2019

Give Toddlers Only a Helping Hand: How to Help Toddlers Help Themselves

Presented by  Caitlin Jalalat

Time: 9 am - 1 pm      Fee: $300

At the CME|NY adult training site in New Rochelle

For people working with Infants and Toddlers

Working with toddlers can be both joyful and challenging.  Montessori toddler teachers are specifically educated to help this age group through an intensive course in understanding the developmental needs of children 18 months to three years old, rigorous training in the Montessori philosophy and approach to children of this specific age group, as well as a deep investigation into their own practices and habits.

What if you work with toddlers and don't have that full training?

The workshop will give assistants, substitutes, and anyone working with toddlers basic information needed to contribute positively to a Montessori toddler community and to better understand the dynamics of toddlers in group settings in order to fulfill their myriad of responsibilities with understanding and confidence.

Come prepared to laugh, take good notes, move around, and sit on the floor.  This is a joyful, engaging workshop that will reinforce the wonder of working with children during this delightful and miraculous time of life.  A certificate of 4 Professional Development hours will be provided from CME|NY.

The workshop will help to improve skills to:

  • Give just enough help
  • Support each toddler's independence as the child grows
  • Know appropriate expectations for behaviors
  • Recognize when to modify your language, tone, movement, speed, attitude to maximize successful interactions with children and adults
  • Understand the reasons behind Montessori toddler activities
  • Be a valuable asset to your lead/head
  • Articulate how a Montessori toddler environment differs from traditional toddler programs
  • Deepen your own appreciation for the importance of your work
  • Deepen knowledge of Montessori philosophy to enhance understanding of toddlers and Montessori toddler environments
  • Increase awareness and comprehension of child development, with a focus on toddlers
  • Acquire skills from role modeling and practice with Montessori toddler materials and activities
  • Improve communication skills for lead teacher/assistant with practice in pairs
  • Gain deeper satisfaction in your work 

“It is safe to say that once man is born he will surely walk and that all men will resemble one another in the way they use their feet. But no one can tell what any given man will do with his hands. Who knows what special skills the babies of today will develop? Those of past generations developed quite different ones.” –The Absorbent Mind, p. 148

Maria Montessori was unequivocal in her advocacy of hands-on learning, and modern Montessori teachers ought to know why. Just as important as the work provided for the child is a teacher who supports them with just the right amount of help.

Together we will explore both the philosophical imperative to provide for the development of the human mind by way of the child's hands, as well as specific strategies to scaffold, support, and gently guide the toddler throughout the school day.

"Give them a hand, and leave them free to use it."

CME|NY Certificate of Professional Development provided for 4 hours NYOCFS Training Topics No. 1 and No. 3








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"The mere imparting of information is not education." --Carter G. Woodson, American Historian 




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