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Practicum Site Requirements


Please note: Adult Learners must begin the practicum experience within two years of the end of the academic phase.

AMS Membership: CME|NY recommends but does not require that a practicum site is an AMS member school.

Supervising Teacher: CME|NY requires a Supervising Teacher to hold a Montessori Credential and has completed at least one year of teaching after receipt of the Montessori Credential.  A copy of the credential must be submitted to CME|NY.

NOTE:  Administrator Course Adult Learners are not required to have a Supervising Teacher.

Non-Discrimination Policy and Licensing: The site must have a written non-discrimination policy for children and staff. The site must meet all local and state regulations.

Formal Rejection of Corporal Punishment: If you work in a state where corporal punishment is legal, we require that you sign an attestation to renounce and reject such actions in schools.

Agreement: CME|NY requests that the Adult Learner provide a copy of the job description/letter of agreement signed by the Adult Learner and School Official. This information will be kept confidential if it relates to funds for training.

School officials demonstrate their agreement to cooperate with the practicum requirements in matters relating to the practicum by signing and submitting with a Practicum Site Agreement Form (PSAF).

The maximum number of interns that a supervising teacher can be assigned is two Adult Learners per classroom.

Job Responsibilities: Adult Learners in their practicum experience should not be asked to provide services to the school/center other than those listed in their agreed upon job description unless they agree to do so.

Multi-Age: Classrooms must be multi-aged.

Environment: The environment must be designed and equipped to meet the developmental needs of the children served. The environment must include child-sized furnishings.

Montessori Materials: Classrooms must be equipped with a full array of recommended Montessori materials for the specific age level served, arranged on open shelves accessible to all children.

Supervision: Supervision of the Adult Learner during the practicum experience is provided by the Supervising Teacher and Field Consultant. In the case of a self-directed practicum, supervision is provided through the Field Consultant and On-site Advisor. For the Administrator course, supervision is provided through three visits by qualified Field Consultants with administrative experience along with 10 meetings with the Mentor. 

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