At the Center for Montessori Education|NY, we've been offering the Administrator Course for school heads and principals for over 30 years. We were the first to offer an AMS (American Montessori Society) Administrator Credential.  As the founding generation of Montessori school heads retire and a growing number of public school districts turn toward Montessori, there is increased demand and need for a well-qualified and Montessori-informed pool of new Montessori school heads.

CME|NY's Administrator Course continues to evolve to meet the changing demographics and challenges facing Montessori school heads. We teach leadership, not as an adjective: a set of attributes or skills to learn; but as a verb: leadership as an action plan. Our school heads come away with an understanding that their role is not to dictate in order to lead, but rather to work in collaboration with their teachers, staff, and families; to share responsibilities, activities, and implementation across the entire school community. Administrators graduate our course with the ability to work toward positive change and with specific action plans in place to start the new school year.

We understand that school leadership is hard and it is lonely. And so we build an accessible network of support and professional mentorship for our cohorts.  The course includes a platform for self-reflection in order to assist each participant in better identifying his/her own strengths and unique challenges. This, too, is an unusual model in the training of leadership but not unusual in Montessori teacher training, which long has had a  focus on developing the awareness of one's own frame of reference through self-reflection and observation.